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Cats in Squares – New painted version

Okay, the cats are actually in rectangles, but I like the way ‘cats in squares’ sounds better.

This was a digitally created piece I did a few years ago which I posted in my Cat Attack store on Society6. Cat Attack was created so when cat ladies and other fans of cats came across my work, they wouldn’t have to sift through  paintings of abstracts, suns, oceans and dog portraits to see more cat content.

Cats in Squares 4x5 card

This humorous illustration gets lots of positive comments. It’s fun and playful and the cats appear to be teasing the viewer in a way that cat lovers adore.

My wonderful cousin asked me if this digital creation was made up of separate little paintings and I immediately decided that it should be. So I got started the next day.

In progress 1 Cats in squares.jpg

I painted four little canvases with many, many layers of paint for the bases.  These are    5″ X 7″ each.  When they are hung together in a square, spaced two inches apart, the total design area will be 14″ X 14″.

In progress2 Cats in squares.jpg

Next step was to sketch out my adorable little friends.

In progress3 Cats in squares.jpg

And paint them.

Aren’t they funny?

In progress4 Cats in squares.jpg

This set was a gift for cousin Carrie. I made two more sets; one the same size as this and a larger version on 8″ X 10″ canvases. They are available in my Etsy Shop:

Set of four 5″ X 7″   

Set of four 8″ X 10″ 

Here’s some more cute items with this image:

back pack .jpg
Cats in Squares Backpack on Society6


Cats in Squares rectangular Pillow on Society6

Cats in Squares Tote bag on Society6

Society6 sells a wide variety of quality products with my images on them. Everything from art prints to home decor to apparel and more Cats in Squares. Take a look around .

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2 thoughts on “Cats in Squares – New painted version

  1. My amazing, artistic cousin! Thank you so much for bringing the kitties to life with 4 fabulous mini paintings! I love them soooo much and can’t wait to hang them in my living room this weekend. Your artwork brings me unending joy and I love being able to admire your paintings every day. Keep up the wonderful work!

    1. Thans so much Carrie! And thank you for always supporting my art😃

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