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Mother’s Day Coloring card

Mother's Day Coloring Card

I designed this coloring card for all ages. You don’t have to be a kid to make a card for your mommy. It will be a work of art by you that she will want to hang on the fridge.

Mother’s Day Coloring Card

Color it in with markers, crayons or colored pencils. The printed image is adhered to thick card stock so even your juiciest markers wont bleed through. I left the card blank inside, so you can write happy mother’s day in your own handwriting.

7″x 5″ Card with white Envelope
Mom’s Day Card

This card may be purchased colored in already if you don’t want to do it yourself. This is a physical card that you may order from my Etsy Shop.

In my next post I will offer you some free downloadable, printable shareable Mother’s Day cards. Be sure to Subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss it. Thanks.

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Printed Art Cards

Cards shown above: Yellow Lab, Abstract Sun, Tuxedo Cat, Montauk

It is so exciting to receive a big colorful cheery handwritten cards in the mail. So, whether you want to say I love, you, hello, Happy Birthday or thank you, a card is a great way to let someone know you care. And for about five bucks, you can totally afford it!

A Day at Sea Printed Greeting Card

About the cards

My card images are professionally printed at a local printer and then I cut and adhere them to thick card stock creating a 5″ x 7″ card. The image is slightly smaller than 5×7″ and there is usually a thin white border around the edge. I add another piece of card stock to the inside as a liner, so that the card is extra thick and sturdy and there will be no bleed through if you use markers to sign your card. Comes with a white envelope.


Customization is never an extra charge. So if you are pressed for time, I will hand write your message and the envelope and use your return address and I will send your card to your recipient. It will be as though it came directly from you.

Cards shown: Cat Beach Sunset 2
Golden Retriever
Bee Gee’s

Easy for you

If time is on your side, I will send the card to you. You can still have me write an occasion like “Happy Anniversary” or “Thinking of you” inside in colorful bold letters, there is a drop down menu on the order page to give you some ideas for a greeting. You may choose one of those, or tell me your own message or leave it blank.

Square Cards

Cards shown:
Sun spots
Rough sea

I started making these square cards , because certain paintings need to be formatted as a square. I think they are really nice and different. The card is 5 ½” x 5 ½” and the envelope is 6″x 6″.

Card Sets

Cat Greeting Card Set

I currently have two sets;

I offer smaller cards in sets of four. The card size is 5½ ” X 4¼ ” they are blank inside (sets are not customizable). Each comes with a white envelope. I use color card stock on these smaller cards. The inner lining is a light color so your writing will be easy to read.

Cat Greeting card set This is a collection of some of my digitally created cat designs. I designed these images on the computer, not with a paintbrush.


Beach Greeting cards – Four of my ocean inspired paintings.

Beach Greeting Cards

Coloring Cards

Cats on a fence coloring card

I am in the process of turning my designs into coloring cards. You can color it in yourself or let the recipient color in. Either way, it’s a unique way to give a very special card to someone. Here is my first one, you can get it in my Etsy shop it’s from one of my cats on fences paintings. I will do a whole series of cat coloring cards and a series of suns, because those are two of my most popular styles. I expect to be adding many new coloring page cards to my collections, so if you are interested in this please subscribe to my blog. I will be making a special post on this subject when they are ready.

Thanks for reading my blog about printed cards, I hope you will check out my art on Etsy. I will turn any one of my paintings into a card, so if it’s not listed or If you have trouble finding something, feel free to contact me. Thanks! Have a beautiful and colorful day!

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Paintings of Cats on Fences

Today I am sharing a collection of paintings that I have done featuring cats sitting on fences. The originals sell fast and I am busy painting more that are very similar to these. I also have some ideas to create scenes with cats on stairs, cats in a boat and cats in a row eating dinner. My ideas come faster than I can paint, so it’s a good thing I can offer prints.

All of these images are for sale in my Etsy shop as poster prints in two sizes- 8″x10″ and 11″x14″. You can also get them on 5″x7″ cards.

They are also available on a wide selection of home decor and gift items in my Society6 shop. I have placed some links below, but if you need help finding something specific, feel free to contact me.

Cat on a Fence in the Moonlight

Cat on a Fence in the Moonlight Prints

This orange tabby is gazing at the big full moon on an Autumn night.

Cat on a Fence in the Moonlight Etsy Prints

Cat on a Fence in the Moonlight Etsy Cards

Cat on a Fence in the Moonlight Society6 Gifts and Home Decor

Cat Beach Sunset

Cat Beach Sunset Prints

Four cats sitting on a fence at the beach during sunset watching the birds dive for fish.

Cat Beach Sunset Etsy Prints

Cat Beach Sunset Etsy Cards

Cat Beach Sunset Society6 Gifts and Home Decor

Cats on a Fence

Cats on a Fence Print

The moon is out and the sun is still setting. These cats are taking in this breathtaking moment. I painted the original on a piece of wood. You can see the wood grain texture.

Cats on a Fence Etsy Prints

Cats on a Fence Etsy Cards

Cats on a Fence Society6 Gifts and Home Decor

Cat Beach Sunset 2

Cat Beach Sunset 2 Prints

Those cats are very focused on the birds in the water. It is just so much fun painting these scenes. I absolutely love cats, and I really enjoy painting water and sunsets.

As of this posting the original acrylic painting 8″x10″ on wood is available in my Etsy Shop.

Cat Beach Sunset 2 Etsy Prints

Cat Beach Sunset 2 Etsy Cards

Cat Beach Sunset 2 Society6 Gifts and Home Decor

Siamese Cat in the Moonlight

Siamese Cat in the Moonlight Print

A Siamese cat on a Summer night gazing at a lake under a mountain range.

Siamese Cat in the Moonlight Etsy Prints

Siamese cat in the Moonlight Etsy Cards

On Society6, you can find this image on mugs, serving trays, coasters and more cool stuff. Click the link below to take you to the shop, then scroll down to see more items. Feel free to contact me if you need help finding an item.

Siamese cat in the Moonlight Society6 Gifts and Home Decor

It is time for me to get back to painting. Have a cat-tastic day!