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Gifts for Cat Lovers

There are so many adorable cat products out there and everybody has at least one cat lady on their gift list. I am a cat lover and I paint lots of cats. I’ve gathered together some cute gifts from cool websites that I use, some where I offer my art on home decor, apparel, housewares and accessories. The following list includes my art and the work of others.

Cats On a Fence Tote bag by gretzky

Cats on a Fence Tote Bags on Society6

Available in 3 sizes;

13″ $23.99

16″ $26.99

16″ $29.99

This was a painting I did on wood. These beach cats are gazing at the ocean. The sun is going down and the moon is rising, it’s their favorite time of day to sit on a fence and listen to the sounds of the waves.

Cats Ice cream by ilovedoodle

Cats Ice Cream Travel Mug on Society6

I love this clever cat ice cream design by ilovedoodle on Society6. The design fits nicely on this 20 oz. light weight stainless steel travel mug.

Cats Ice Cream t shirt by ilovedoodle

Cats Ice cream t shirt on Society6

The t shirt looks cool too. Society6 also offers hoodies, tank tops, v-necks and long sleeved shirts.

Don’t Stress Meowt Mug

Don’t Stress MeowT Mugs $12.99-16.99 – Etsy

So cute- Right? Comes in 11 and 15 oz and a couple of choices of styles. Ships from Weefers Gifts on Etsy.

I Heart my Cat Hoodie

I Heart my Cat Hoodie $48.75 – Red Bubble

This is my design. It has an abstract painting inside the heart. I outlined the cat silhouette and the lettering in white. Also available on t shirts and other apparel.

Kingtree self Groomer $13.99 on Amazon

My cats love to rub their cheeks on these wonderful wall mounted combs that fit around corners. They come with screws and double sided tape so you can easily hang them without putting holes in the wall. There is a panel in between for cat nip – woo hoo! Your cat will thank you! Comes two in a package, so you can keep one and give one as a gift.

Adorable cat pillow by Laura Graves

Are you asleep yet? Throw Pillows By Laura Graves on Society6

Look at that sweet face!

Throw pillows on Society6 come in a variety of sizes. They also have rectangular styles, floor pillow, and shams, Scroll down on their website to see different products they offer.

Sold, Link now takes you to a similar cat painting
Seaside Cats Original Painting by gretzky

This sold, click here, for a similar painting on ETSY

Give the gift of original art with a painting by me.This cat painting is Acrylic on 8″ wide by 10″ high canvas. The canvas is 1/2″ thick and I painted scene to the edges. It has a saw tooth hanger on back.

Shipping is free in the USA

Cat hat amazon
Bellady Cat Ears Crocheted Hat

Cat Hats with Ears $10.99 Amazon

Comes in Children’s and adult sizes, lots of colors to choose from. Think this gift would go over very well for mothers and daughters!

Cat beach Sunset Calendar Etsy $12. -$22.

I offer this Calendar in two sizes and you can choose laminated or glossy poster. All are free shipping in USA and you get to choose a free 5″x7″ print as my gift to you.

Cat Beach Sunset 2019 Calendar

11×17″ Laminated $22.00

11×17″ Glossy Poster $16.00

8.5 x 11 Laminated $16.00

8.5 x 11″ Glossy Poster $12.00

Paw Prints Custom Pet Dish

Pet Paws Custom Dish – Zazzle $24.55

Every cat can always use and extra food dish with their name on it. This also makes a nice water bowl.

Meow Phone cases Society6

Meow Cat Design with whiskers – Society6 $35.99

Phone case anyone? This comes in many styles for iphones and Galaxy phones

Cat Fishing Shower Curtain by gretzky

Cat Fishing Shower Curtain – Society6 $69.99

This is a digitally created design I made. Unfortunately, I don’t think this cat is going to catch any fish.

Cat Fishing Bath mat

Cat Fishing Bath mats $27.99 – 33.99

Cat Fishing Towels

Cat Fishing Hand and Bath Towels $13.99-29.99

Cat on a Fence in the Moonlight Greeting Card

Cat on a Fence in the Moonlight Card Etsy $5.00

This image is also available in prints;

8×10″ $18.00

11×14″ $26.00

Yeah, I paint cats sitting on fences a lot 🙂

Tuxedo Cat Zippered Pouch

Tuxedo Cat Zippered Pouch Society6 $15.99-25.99

Tuxedo Cat Zippered Pouch Set of three

This is one of my cat portraits. The zippered pouches are super cute and nice durable quality. You can buy them individually or in a set of three.

Black Cat Wine Champagne Coctails Comforter by Pet Friendly

Black Cat Wine Champagne Cocktails Comforters Society6 $99.-149.00

What a whimsical design! You can also get this on;


Duvet Covers

Pillow Shams

There are so many more cute things I could add , so I will make more posts like this in the future. If you see any of my art that you’d like on a specific product you can contact me and I will do my best to make that happen.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting so I can continue to provide you free content each week! You guys are amazing!
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Collection of Cats

Cat paw print

Cats are at the top of my list of favorite subjects to paint. I was born into a family where cats were present in the home, they’ve always been there. I have never been without them, I can’t imagine it. A house is not a home without cats.

Oscar all tucked in. I even knitted that blanket for him.

When I was very young I tried dressing them up in doll clothes and put them in a baby carriage. I realized quickly that they didn’t like that much, so I did not persist. But I do think that I played with cats much more that dolls.  I can’t find any photos of me with them from that time. I will keep looking and update this post when I find them.

Cat paw print2

Cats were my friends, my babies, they greeted me when I came home, they comforted me when I was sick.  Rain or shine, day or night, they were always there and always in a good mood, that’s pretty remarkable, I guess cats have always been my rock, I depend on them, they are my best friends. Little did I know I was a cat lady in the making.

Greta and Oscar
Me at age 19 with Oscar.


I do all kinds of different styles of cats in my art. I have digitally created drawings where I use a tablet with a pen tool to draw on the computer. I do cartoony looking cats, cat silhouettes, cat monograms, designs and patterns with cats and I even did a cool American Cat Flag,  But for this post, I am going to showcase my cat portraits and I will tell you how to order one if you’d like.


Like any artist I think I have gotten better through the years, but my love for animals has always given my paintings that deeper meaning, a glimmer of the soul comes through their eyes. I connect with their spirit, they are with me as I paint them. If you are among those who believe that we are all connected and that the spirit travels and is present everywhere all at once, and can be summoned by thought, then you understand how I connect with my subjects while I paint them. They can be alive with you now or over the rainbow bridge, and I can connect with them just the same. You see, I love animals so deeply, it just comes natural to me to connect with them this way.

Here is a sampling of cat portraits that I have painted.  These portrait photos are not in any particular order of when they were done.

I do cat portraits from your photos. You can order an 11″ x 14″ custom portrait of a your cat in my Etsy shop .

Larger sizes are available too and I also offer gift certificates email me questions.

Greta & Ferrell 7-15-09
Ferrell and me in 2009

Here’s the process:

Your portrait will be painted with acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Custom work will be completed and shipped within 3-4 weeks of receiving good photos of your pets to work from.

A good photo is taken at eye level without a flash. If the pose you want is not bright and clear enough to see your pets eyes, you may submit additional photos.  Each additional pet in the same painting is $25. extra.  Your pets do not have to be in the same photo, I can put them together.

At the start, I will email you a basic sketch for your approval of the pose and placement.
I will send progress photos as I paint to keep you informed.

Once the portrait is completed, I will get your input to make sure I have captured your cat’s likeness before mailing.

PABLO & GRETA 9-2005
Pablo and me in 2005

Thank you for reading my blog. I will do more cat content very soon.